How to Create and Manage a Playlog Account

How do I use Playlog on mobile?

First things first, get the Playlog app for iOS. It's free! Once your download is complete, open the co icon and tap on Sign Up. You will then be prompted to create your Playlog account.

Updating my Playlog profile

To change your display name, profile picture, description, or associated email, head to the cii icon and tap on your profile picture. Once you've made the changes, tap Done to save them or Cancel to undo them.

Can I use someone else's registered trademark as a username?

Not really, but there are plenty of usernames that are not registered trademarks so we are sure you will find one that is just right for you and your account's needs.

Someone else signed up with my email. What should I do?

We are sorry to hear that. It is highly probable that someone signed up to Playlog with your email by accident. Please let us know about this matter via our Contact Us page and we will help you as soon as we can.

If you suspect that you previously created a Playlog account but forgot your password, simply tap on Forgot Password to recover your account.

When does Playlog send push notifications to my device?

You can expect to be notified when someone starts following you, or when someone likes or comments on any of your posts. We may also notify you about relevant changes to the app.

I forgot my password, how can I log in?

We've all been there, but not to worry. If you don't remember your password, you can always tap on Forgot Password when attempting to log in.

How can I change my password?

Navigate to the cii icon and tap on the located at the top right of the screen. This will display your account's settings. Under Account, tap on Change Password.

How do I log out of Playlog?

From the cii icon, tap on the located at the top right of the screen. This will display your account's settings. Under Account, tap on Log Out.

How can I delete my Playlog account?

You can delete your account in two simple taps. Go to your Settings and then tap "Delete Account".

How to Navigate the Playlog App

Log In Screen

Log into your Playlog account with your username or email and your password. If you don't yet have an account with us, you can tap on Sign Up. This will prompt you to choose a username, provide your email and choose a password.

Discover Screen

In co you can view relevant content from creators you follow.

Explore Screen

In co you can find all types of content from creators that you don't follow. This is where you can search for posts by title, by creator, or by hashtag.

Create Screen

In co you can start creating and composing your own content.

Profile Screen

In cii you can view and edit your Playlog profile. Tapping on co will display your followers and your follows, and tapping on the co will show your posts and the posts that you've liked.

Account Settings

From cii , tap on the at the top right. This will display your account settings, where you can change your password, log out, view our privacy policy and terms of service, and turn on in-app tutorials.

Like Button

The shows the amount of likes on each post.

Share Button

Tapping on will let you share posts to off-app channels.

Comment Button

The co will display a post's comment section.

How to go back to a previous screen

If you are watching a post, tap on co to return to the previous screen. Wherever the co isn't visible, you can instead tap on co to go back.

How to Manage Followers

How do I follow a Playlog account?

In order to follow a creator, you must tap and hold their profile picture.

How do I unfollow a Playlog account?

Tap on and hold the creator's profile picture to unfollow a Playlog account. Alternately, you can navigate to cii, go to co, tap on Following, and then tap c. Creators will only be notified when you follow them and not when you unfollow.

How to Manage Comments

How do I leave a comment?

When watching any post, you will notice a few icons on the top right. Tapping on co will bring up the comment section. To publish your comment, simply tap on the comment box at the bottom of the screen, compose your message, and hit Post.

How to delete a comment

You can delete your own comments and comments that others leave in your posts. Slide the comment that you wish to delete to the left and tap Delete.

I deleted a comment by accident, can I undo this action?

If you just deleted a comment by accident, you have the option to revert the changes by clicking on Undo. However, the Undo option will disappear 3 seconds after you delete a comment so make sure to take action quickly!

How to report a comment

There is no room for hateful comments in our community. Should you stumble upon an inappropriate comment, tap on co and click on the type of report you wish to make. Tap Next to write the details of your report (this is optional) and click Send to submit your report.

How to Create Content

How do I start creating a post?

To begin creating, tap on co and then on co. Here, you will be able to select the videos or photos that you'd like to add into your creation timeline from your device's gallery by tapping on Gallery. You can also choose to add live photos or videos.

How can I take live photos or videos?

In co, tap on Camera. Once you've captured your live photo or video, tap on Use Video to add it to your Gallery. From Gallery, select the live photo or video that you just took to add it to your creation timeline.

How can I set a duration for my photos?

Now that you have selected the images you want to include in your composition, it’s time to decide how long you’d like them to appear on the screen. By default, all the images added are selected. You can distinguish this with the halo around the media item and the co next to the duration. Keep in mind that duration will automatically be added equally to each selected image. If you want each image to show for a different duration, you can deselect images by tapping on them in the timeline, and reselecting by doing the same action.

You will see a co in the center of the screen, long press, drag right and hold it to add time. Holding it in position will record at a fixed speed. This speed is defined by how far-right you drag the recorder: the more right you drag and hold, the faster the record speed. To remove the durations, you can drag and hold left, with the same functionality as before.

Once you have set the duration of your visuals, a co will appear to confirm the time. Tap it to add the selected duration to the desired media.

When inserting a video, you won’t need to set the duration as the video clip already has its own.

Switching between record and playback

You can switch between record and playback mode by swiping up or down on the viewport. This can also be done if you are in the audio section.

Tap on the co, this will bring up the audio section. Tap again and it will close it. Now, a co has appeared in the record button and tapping it will start an audio recording.

How can I add voiceover?

Fun! Adding voiceover really makes videos stand out. Once you have selected the images and/or videos you want to show, you can tap on co. From here, press co to record your voiceover and press it again when you are done recording.

Can I create content with voiceover but no visuals?

For sure. If you want to create an audio-only video, we will automatically add a black box to your creation timeline.

How to add a title and description to my post

Once you have finished creating your video, tap on co. This will promp you to add a title and description. Be sure to include relevant hashtags for other users to find your content!

I accidentally closed the app without publishing my creation.

It's okay, whatever you were working on will automatically be saved.

I don't wish to continue editing, how can I delete my progress?

If you are not pleased with your creation, tap on *x icon* located towards the botton left of your screen. Then, tap on Yes.

I've already published a post but want to delete it.

In cii, go to co and hold the post that you wish to erase from your profile. A pop up will appear, tap on co to delete it.

Playlog Dictionary


(noun) Playlog users.

Pitch us a new term!

We are always looking to expand our Playlog lingo. If you have coined a new term, pitch it to us in our Discord channel.

Other Questions

Why is Playlog unavailable in my region?

We are working hard to become available worldwide, however due to global regulations, we can't do that just yet. Playlog is actively working to translate our app to various languages. In order to deliver the best user experience on a worldwide scale, we must first iterate based on feedback we receive in our available regions.

What type of content isn't allowed on Playlog?

Playlog stands against harassment, bullying, harmful and hateful behaviour, violence, nudity, and illegal activities. Creating content that fits into any of these categories will result in getting banned.