Why Playlog

How we're changing the Game

Save time and resources. You are your own editor.

Customize your videos by combining audio, voiceover and visuals. No longer do you need an expensive editing software to increase social engagement. Playlog makes it simple to create and compose content without getting overwhelmed during post-production. Use Playlog as a video editor for tik tok and ig videos.

Long-Format Content. Never be constrained by time.

Produce in-the-moment narratives with up to 25 minutes to elaborate. Playlog lets you connect more powerfully with your audience through visually stunning content that watchers will love. Video creation on iPhone and Android has never been easier!

All the tools to produce your masterpiece.

We understand that viewers emotionally connect with a story, not visual effects. That's why we've kept our video editing tools simple and straight-forward. Grab your phone, create content, and share it with the world without getting overwhelmed during post-production.

Original Creations. Anywhere, anytime.

We believe in working smarter, not harder. Creating content anywhere, anytime gives you the ability to produce more authentic videos that resonate with your viewers. No need for script revisions and over-rehearsing lines; say hello to an efficient way to create content.

Equitable visibility. Get discovered.

Playlog's algorithm allows new and seasoned creators to be discovered. Creators don't need to go viral in order to get in front of the right audience - on Playlog, everyone gets a fair chance at standing out. Our unique feed lets users view all types of content and not just a tiny segment of it based on how they navigate our app. Players can discover a variety of topics/content and reach all kinds of communities.

Minimal audio compression. Share quality sound.

Musicians and mix-makers can create content with real, high quality audio. Don't end up with something that sounds flat as a pancake, create content with uncompressed audio.

Freedom of options. Be your own publisher.

Getting paid to keep doing what you love is the dream that can become a reality with Playlog. Put a price tag on your knowledge and craft, and turn your content into a new income stream. Choose how much you'd like your viewers to pay to per video or simply allow them to donate!