Why Playlog

How we're positively shaking the space

Connect with new, like-minded creators.

Interact with a unique community of original content creators and engaged viewers. Discover content by searching for a keyword, the creator's username or a hashtag.

Up to 5 minutes to tell what matters to you.

Ever heard of video creation on iPhone with up to 5 minutes to elaborate? Playlog now lets you engage more powerfully with your audience by removing time constraints that creators face with traditional mobile editors.

The tools to create and edit your story.

Playlog provides simple and straight-forward video editing tools so that no one gets overwhelmed during post-production. You can even use Playlog as a video editor for tik tok and ig videos.

Simple creations. Anywhere, anytime.

Being able to create content wherever and whenever allows creators to produce more authentic videos that will resonate with viewers. No need for script revisions or over-rehearsing lines; just be you!

Limitless exploring with a new algorithm.

Playlog's algorithm allows all creators to get equal visibility, which is essential to grow and flourish within a platform. Users can alternate between a chronological and interest-based feed.

Minimal audio compression.

Musicians, mix-makers, and creators can combine their visuals with songs, sound effects, podcasts, and music videos without compromising audio quality. This minimal audio compression allows viewers and listeners to experience sound in high resolution.

Publish and distribute your content your way.

Users can share their creations privately or publicly. Coming soon, creators will be able to monetize their channel by choosing between the following models: pay-to-watch, monthly subscriptions, or donations.