About Playlog

Changing how you create, edit & share

Playlog is an MVP app that is changing the way the world creates, edits and shares stories.

At Playlog, we are solving one of the biggest pain points in media creation: TIME. We offer essential, simple editing tools that help creators reduce editing time down from days to minutes. The Playlog app is for story-driven creators who like to produce stunning videos on the go and seamlessly share them with the world in seconds for FREE. All you need is a story to tell, a question to ask, or even an answer to explain.

At Playlog, we believe digital content is being held back.

Traditional content creation tools are complex, have format limitations, require a big learning curve, and put creators in boxes. Playlog is challenging this by providing the most essential tools to tell and share a quality story in minutes with just your phone. We are giving creators a box-free environment where they can tell their story on their own terms.

We're strengthening the relationship between creator and their audience...

and bringing back authenticity to social media at the same time. With Playlog, creators can bring their imagination to life without the hassle of being constrained by time or editing with an overwhelming amount of tools. Anyone can now make long-form, compelling content with customizable visual effects that people will love to watch, engage with, and share.