About Playlog

Changing how you create, edit & share

We believe that creativity should be boundless, but it's being held back.

Traditional social apps have complex editing tools, require creators to study their algorithm in order to grow, and create passive watchers. Playlog provides creators the freedom to create with ease, publish content on their  terms, and explore without limits.

Playlog is an MVP app that's actively changing how you create and share.

Our early-stage app offers simple editing tools that help creators cut down editing time down from days to minutes. The Playlog app is for story-driven creators who like to produce thought-provoking videos and seamlessly share them with the world in seconds. All you need is a story to tell, a question to ask, or an idea to explain.

We're actively building this platform with the help of content creators.

Our upcoming features are being shaped with the support of storytellers across the globe who are passionate about making Playlog the best platform for them and their content creation needs. If you'd like to get more involved and have a say in what gets released next, join our Discord community!